Photo of Artist Gisèle Tchitchiama
Photo of Artist Gisèle Tchitchiama


Gisèle Tchitchiama is a French painter and collage artist. She registered as a member of la Maison des Artistes de Paris in 2004. Her 2003 debut exhibition “Presences rassurantes”, was held in Paris to great critical acclaim. Since 2005, moving to Hong Kong, Gisèle has held many solo exhibitions and published two titles featuring her collage works.

Contrary to her background in law, Gisèle’s works display a kind of emotional frankness that defies the argumentative rationality the law experts. Such immediate expressiveness is often bathed in the wonderful mix of colors found in Gisèle’s world, in which effaced faces abound, especially that of women’s, whose elegant fluidity is reminiscent of the original mother figure. Their facelessness suggests a realm of pre-conscious universality, a kind of love underscored by their similarity to the mother-and-child figure.

Perhaps it is their dreamlike quality that allows the viewer to peer the deep connection Gisèle’s works have with her psyche, and our psyche, the dwelling place of the ancient human desire for love, for bonding, and for the beautiful. Such yearning, true to all men, transcends gender and race and manifests itself in the purest form in Gisèle’s works.

Selected One-Artist Exhibitions

2019 | “The Circle of Life Project” solo exhibition, Le French May 2019 with the support of The Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau, May 2019

2018 | “Light Up the Other Side” solo exhibition, presented by The Hong Kong Bankers Club, October 2018

2016 | “Brushing your Senses” solo exhibition, presented by The Verandah, September 2016

2015 | “Formes & Lumières” solo exhibition, ethos Gallery Hong Kong, May-June 2015

2011| “De Sources et de Vies” solo exhibition, Culture Club Gallery Hong Kong, October 2011

2010 | “Du bleu au trait” solo exhibition, Régis B, France Office du Tourism du-Haut-Lignon, Le Chambon-sur-Lignon, France

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