A Walk in Tai Tam

“My book A Walk in Tai Tam was born out of a walk taken with my son Elliott. I wished to hold on to this poetic moment: the English-language books for children are very educational, while I think that in the long run, it is impossible to do without Beauty. I wished this book of collage to be open to different readings, to find once again the wonder of childhood when our eyes look upon Hong Kong.

The people of Hong Kong with whom I work lent me their eyes so I could create it. It was a lot of work, back and forth, but I was really happy when the boxes arrived. Tired and happy. We are given so much here in Hong Kong. For instance, the page numbers of the book are made out of wood. An old man from Sheung Wan made the stamps for me: the people of Hong Kong do know their heritage.” – from the artist’s interview with Cècile Dupire.