Gisèle Tchitchiama’s latest works will be on exhibit until September 30th at the mezzanine of the Tourist Board.

Le Progrès | Translated from French

September, 13th 2010

It is an unusual artist indeed whose works are currently exhibited at the mezzanine of the Tourist Board.

Gisèle Tchitchiama lives in Hong Kong with her husband and children. Born in Congo-Brazzaville, she arrived in France when she was 3 years old. After excellent and academically diverse studies, she worked as a community consultant, until the birth of her second child. From then onwards, she initiated a return to painting, her first artistic love (which she passionately pursued as a youth) although now balanced with her family and professional duties.


After a few significant encounters, this initial, timid return to her erstwhile passion leads her to dare and attempt to make a living from her art. Her various exhibits are sufficiently conclusive in that respect, but her arrival in Hong Kong induces another pause in her work. She takes full advantage of this transition to continue and widen her artistic career, with exuberant collage experiments, or more recently as a book illustrator, with days well-filled. The Tourist Board invites you to discover a facet of her talent until September 30th.

Painting: Unexpected, 2006, acrylic & mix media on canvas © Gisèle Tchitchiama